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When Mac McCormick comes to the seaside town of Port Belmont to cover a murder story the last thing he expects is that he will become involved with the town's illustrious coven of witches.  All he wants is a story that will be  powerful enough to help him regain his former professional reputation.  

Cassie Adams, the beautiful daughter of the high priestess of Port Belmont's covern of Wiccan is in a desperate situation.  How can she to prove that her mother is innocent of murduring one of the town's favorite religeous leaders.  

A WITCH'S TALE deals with how a murder can lead to religious intollerance.  It also tells a story of love and redemption.
It is on a dark Halloween night that nine year old Emily first meets the infamous mortician's wife--the woman the local children describe as being a witch.  It is also the night that she learns that a  very evil force does live indeed within the mortuary, however the force is not coming from  the poor old lady who lives alone in the haunted old building.

THE MORTICIAN'S WIFE tells the story of how a woman is forced to live with a husband who, although he presents himself to be everyone's best friend, is in reality a murdering sociopath. Stuck in a marriage of unbelievably cruelty she finally does the only thing she can think of that will spare not only her own  life, but the lives of everyone her husband comes into contact with.

Although this story is entirely fictional, the building in which it occurs is a very real, and very haunted building in Dunsmuir, CA.  If you are brave enough you may want to stay the night in the haunted old mortuary that now serves as an Inn.

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The Newest "Mortician" Book!

Beginning where The Mortician's Wife ended, The Mortician's Revenge carries the reader on a new, even more sadistic path. 

 Proving that pure evil cannot be contained, Horace Carpenter finds a way to wreak havoc through others, with no regard to what happens to his followers or their victims.

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