The Mortician Series
Books Inspired by the Old Mortuary Inn
in Dunsmuir, CA
Maralee Lowder at a book signing at the Old Mortuary Inn, the building (at the left) that inspired the Mortician book series.  

The Old Mortuary Inn will be open for overnight guests by the first of January, 2014.  For more information about tours or room reservations, call 1-925-6168.

Nancy Brown Warner, the inn's proprietor, has spent the past three years renovating скачать игру про корабли the old building, bringing it not just back to its previous splendor, but far beyond.

But, be aware, the building is haunted!  Although she cannot guarantee every guest will meet spirites of previous residents, she warns that there is always that possibility. 


​Five miles south of new age Mt. Shasta City, in the town of Dunsmuir, California, there is a building that once housed the local mortuary.  Uninhabited for many years, it eventually became known as a haunted house.  

There were stories that the last mortician's wife lived there as a recluse until the day she died.  It was said that, when her husband died, she moved from the apartment in the building they had occupied together, to another room in the old building.  A room where she said, the ghosts could not get her.

It is this building that was used as a backdrop for The Mortician's Wife.  Although the book is a work of fiction, many of the ghostly hauntings described in the book, have actually happened to the current owners. 

​The building is now the Old Mortuary Inn--a charmingly decorated, (and, yes, haunted) place to visit.   To learn more about the building, or for reservation information, call 530-925-6168. 

Still placed in Dunsmuir's old mortuary, the story continues where the first book ended.  The evil spirit that once haunted the building has found that, by proxy, it is able to spread its own brand of evil beyond the walls of the mortuary, even beyond the boundaries of the city.

By luring individuals who contain souls as damaged as his own to the mortuary, he is able to continue spreading his evil message.  If not stopped, his followers will commit a crime that will change the course of history,     


The cover design features a photo of the room the first mortician's wife actually chose as her own after the death of her husband...the room where she felt safe from the ghosts she believed walked the halls of her home.   The room is named, The Mortician's Wife's Room, in honor of the woman who once lived (and, yes, loved) in this historic building.  the Old Mortuary Inn,

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