Maralee Lowder's
White Hat Tales

The stories you will find here will all be of a lighter nature - romance, angels, gentle ghosts, humor,  metaphysical fiction (met/fic), etc. (In other words, anything that is not scary or depressing!)

The publisher who will be offering these books is Solstice Publishers.  You can purchase them at either or  If you click on the book covers below you will be taken to the Amazon location.

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Black Hat
Mortician Series
White Hat

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Christmas at Alpine Village is a novella based loosely on experiences I had while I was running my family's motel/resort business in a small mountain community in Northern California.  Although the characters who inhabit the roles of the two lovers are fictional, the story of how I tried year after year to win the Chamber of Commerce's Business Christmas Decorating Contest is very real.  

I had never known how competitive I was until, after being coaxed into entering the competition, I signed us up the first year...and the second year...and the... , well, you get the idea.  

I hope you will join me as I reveal just part of what it's like to be a business owner in my very special community.
A Christmas Anthology is a collection of four Christmas Romance novellas.  Each story is unique from the others. 

In it you will find my story, Christmas at Alpine Village.

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